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  • Sales is FUN-TASTIC!!! Sales is what gives life to an organisation! Sales is what drives an organisation!! Be proud to call yourself a SALESMAN!
  • SALES is the noblest profession where the intention is to help your customer by a product & solve your client’s problems through services!

    Join the ‘FUN-TASTIC SALESMAN’ course spread over 3 months with once a week classes @ Rs.599 Only.

    • What is Sales?
    • Understand the Concept What should a Salesman not do?
    • Building the everlasting relationship
    • How to accelerate from your current status to success
    • How to survive in COVID-19 like times
    • How to turn a customer’s NO into a BIG YES! Certificate Practical exercises
Books written by Anandam Sanyal available on AMAZON ( FREE for students joining the ‘FUN-TASTIC SALESMAN COURSE’ )