About me

The Beginning
Aged 10, the first lessons of management learnt by managing a medicine shop in Muzaffarpur.
Stepping up
Aged 12, starts copying notes, paragraphs, articles for people to generate pocket money to buy study materials, service idea implemented!
Shake hand with Sales!
Aged 16, starts selling assembled computers, mobile phone & FMCG products for some traders while continuing studies. Starts teaching students
Platform building:
Aged 18-21, qualifies JEE but studiedB.Sc( Chem. Hons) from St.Xavier’s College Kolkata, funding his studies by marketing land plots and providing manpower for Campaigns, Events in Kolkata.
Kindling the fire:
Aged 21, graduates and enrols for MBA. Leaves for Europe to learn how to market Indian items there and explore business opportunities. Returns rich in experience.
Real Estate Marketing:
Post return continues Real Estate Marketing & Sales. Works until 2009 as marketing head of a reputed Developer of Kolkata, thereafter embarks his journey as a Consultant, involved in over 3000 + deals across all segments of Real Estate.
Renewable Energy:
Moved by the need of mother earth to towards Green Energy joins the INDO-Swedish Smart Grid Project in 2016. Overseeing the business of India & South Asia for Affectus AB, Sweden since then