Representation Service

Anandam Sanyal, offers an instant, strong Indian & South Asian representation for any domestic/overseas company at low cost with low risk focused on market penetration and accelerating sales revenue.

It is an ideal solution for companies willing to explore the market for their product or service.

Anandam is available to assist with your business support in India & South Asia , providing relevant contacts in the region, reach out to your local clients, meet key people on your behalf, manage your local project/s introduce you to new clients, and any other local support I can assist your business with!

Anandam has an experience of over 20+ years in marketing & sales of various markets in the region. He has represented various Organisations from different Industrial & Service sectors!

At present he represents Affectus AB, Sweden for their Affectus Alba, Data Collection &Smart Metering projects in India & South East Asia. The effort to attain sustainability & circular economy goal.